Amateur Photographer Levels

Amateur Photographer Levels

You must be well aware about the concept of Amateur Photography as a lot of material has already been written on it. There are plenty of forums from where you can get rich information about amateur photography and its various tips. The topic of our article today is “levels of amateur photographer”. As the name of the topic suggests in this article we will list some levels which an amateur photographer can be in.

The first Level

We have named the first level as “Blind Amateur”. Some of the key points related to this level are as follows

  • You are actually a beginner while being in this level and you have absolutely no idea how things will work out for you
  • Most of your time is spent in full-auto mode shooting
  • There are chances that while being in this level you may have purchased the camera some years ago however you may not have been using it from the past one year or so


The second Level

We can call the second level as “confused amateur”. The important traits of this level are as follows

  • You either have little or no knowledge about the other dials
  • You may not be utilizing the pop-up flesh thinking that its useless
  • You surely want to learn however you do not know where to start from, you are in a no man’s land
  • You may have purchased a wrong gear while being in this level
  • You may be using a software for editing however the mistake which you may be doing while being in this level is that you most probably will be using a free software

The Third Level

We have termed the third level as “The Promising Amateur”. If you are in this level then you must be doing the mentioned activities at the moment

  • you have found the right direction
  • You go out just for the sole purpose of taking some nice photos. These photos you may be taking while hanging around with your friends
  • You have improved your photographic skills and the pictures which you are taking now are better as compared to previous years
  • You are carrying your camera more nowadays.
  • Your investment related to gear has improved which means that you have got your hands on the right software


The Fourth Level

The fourth level is that of “the wise amateur”. If you are a person who is the part of this level then you must be involved in the following activities

  • You have full information about the working of your camera
  • You have built up a robust portfolio
  • You have recognized the external camera flash’s importance

The fifth Level

“The Obsessive Amateur” is the name of the Fifth level and in this level you enhance your skills and you move towards the techniques which are more advanced.

All the five levels have been explained in a very detailed way and any amateur photographer can check in which level he or she currently falls.

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