Amateur Photography Tips

Amateur Photography Tips

If you are among those people who are fond of amateur photography then this article is just the kind of material which you should be reading. Though you may have bought a camera for yourself and though you may be very excited about amateur photography however to achieve success you need to follow some basic guidelines or tips related to photography. Though you may not be a professional camera man however to do anything properly there are some basics which must be understood and these basics will be discussed in the proceeding paragraphs.

Major Tips: Amateur Photography

Different people have come up with different tips however after going through the entire write ups we have identified some of the most common tips. These tips are as follows


  • Holding the Camera:The most common mistake which Amateur Photographers make is that they hold the camera away from their faces while their arms are stretched in a forward position. Well this posture is wrong. The correct posture is that you should be still and you should keep the camera near your face as that will contribute towards a better image
  • Timer: As a beginner while using the camera it is recommended that you should utilize the timer as that contributes towards your stability. If your body is stable then the resulting image will be sharp and perfect. Often people click or press the button correctly however they quickly move their hands due to which the image gets blurred. The timer stops this unnecessary movement of hands as the picture gets snapped after few seconds of the button pressing.
  • Flash: Usually beginners do not utilize the flash in broad day light thinking that it is stupidity to do so however the fact of the matter is that a flash during the day light can give you a better picture. The flash actually assists the camera in preventing unexpected natural light that may be approaching from any possible direction.
  • Zoom: Nowadays cameras comes with zoom feature however as a beginner if you do not have this feature then the best option for you is to go as close as possible to the object or person whose picture you want to take.


  • Angles: while shooting with your camera it is highly recommended that you should keep on changing your position as that will give better and attractive pictures. Moreover taking pictures with different angles will be a good learning experience for you as this experience will reveal to you the pros and cons of different positions and angles
  • Deleting:Never delete the pictures in your camera regardless of how worse those pictures may be. The reason is that in the small screen of your camera the picture may look bad however there are high chances that in a big screen and better resolution, totally different results may surface. Hence deleting the picture before reviewing it in a proper screen would be a hasty and reckless decision.

We hope that as an amateur photographer the mentioned tips will be utilized by you in latter and spirit.

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