An Insight on Amateur Photography

An Insight on Amateur Photography

The Origin

Photography is very common today and with the emergence of modern day digital cameras the trend of amateur photography has really gained a lot of popularity. The word photography has a Greek origin and it comes from two Greek words meaning writing and light. The term photography was first used back in the 1839 and the introducer of this word was John Herschel. The first ever photograph was taken in the year 1825 and the taker of this photograph was Joseph Nicephore who is also known as the inventor of photography. Joseph Nicephore belonged to France.

Amateur Photography and Sources

When a nonprofessional person gets involved in photography just for recreational or habitual purposes then such a photographer is known as an amateur photographer. An amateur photographer has a lot of opportunities to improve his/her work. The core of improvement is guidance which can be taken from various sources such as going through a short course, learning from the internet and reading books on the topic of photography.


What to learn in the beginning?

The back bone of photography lies in creativity, though methods and techniques do hold importance however the core of photography lays in creativity. Hence in the beginning it is recommended to learn the ropes. The learning of the ropes will let a person know where he or she is heading and what he or she is doing.

The Rule of Third

There are many people out there who have an opinion that no rules exist in photography. However this statement is not true rather there is a very important rule in photography known as the rule of thirds. Application of this rule plays an important rule as far as enhancing the image impact is concerned. Imagine if a person’s image gets divided into nine equal segments through two horizontal and vertical lines. The aim here will be the positioning of key elements along the lines so that a resemblance between the placement and balance can be created or developed efficiently.



The balancing of the elements is also very essential. The balance can be created if a person places the subject off-center as this will develop a stimulating effect, however it must be ensured that the remaining frame should not feel void or empty. Though other subjects that may not be that essential can also be included however it must be ensured that the some weight is lend to the image. The balance is very important and serves as the key for amateur photography. There are several techniques as well that can be utilized to create an effective image. Some of these techniques are listed as follows

  • Leading Lines technique
  • Symmetry
  • Patterns

Lastly the Background also plays a crucial role as far as the overall quality of the picture goes. A good background is always very important however background keeps on changing as per the situation and the subject of which the picture is being taken.

Hi there! Ever wondered how come photographers are able to capture stunning moments in a personified way? You actually can feel the moment as if you are present at that time. Though all this comes after loads of practice but once you get going in it,

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