Difference Between Professional And Amateur Photography

Difference Between Professional And Amateur Photography

Photography is an art that takes years to master and the people who have successfully mastered it are able to take the most beautiful pictures. However, every professional photographer has to start from somewhere, therefore it is safe to say that every professional photographer is an amateur at some point. Just by looking at the two words that are “professional” and “amateur”, you can clearly guess the differences and you can tell that they are not small. Here you will learn some of the key differences between professional and amateur photography.

Professional Photography

Let’s take a look at professional photography and then we will work our way to amateur photography.

Knows The Equipment

When purchasing the camera most of the individuals just read the picture elements and megapixels with which the camera is equipped with. Though it is preferable to go for a camera having higher megapixels however there are some other factors as well that need to be kept into consideration. These factors include anti shake, night mode and optical zoom.


Aware Of The Different Techniques

A professional photographer knows all the different techniques for taking a picture. For example, for prevention of blurs and shakes, it is recommended that you should clip your elbows towards the sides during the process of photo taking. The clipping stops your arms and hands from shaking. The shaking of the hands can distort the image. Another example in this regard is lighting, a good photographer knows the different types of lights. Light is a very important factor while doing photography. Always keep this factor into consideration and see to it where the light is coming from. You can use this light for better image. It does not matter where the light is coming from whether it is a natural resource or an artificial one, both can be beneficial for you.

Amateur Photography

There are many things that make an amateur photographer a beginner and here you will learn a few of them.


There are many mistakes that an amateur photographer makes and one of them is done while holding the camera. The most common mistake which Amateur Photographers make is that they hold the camera away from their faces while their arms are stretched in a forward position. Well this posture is wrong. The correct posture is that you should be still and you should keep the camera near your face as that will contribute towards a better image.

Most beginners usually use the timer on the camera and it is a good idea for beginners as it has quite a few advantage. As a beginner while using the camera it is recommended that you should utilize the timer as that contributes towards your stability. If your body is stable then the resulting image will be sharp and perfect. Often people click or press the button correctly however they quickly move their hands due to which the image gets blurred. The timer stops this unnecessary movement of hands as the picture gets snapped after few seconds of the button pressing.

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